The head can set and break boundaries – report on Bracha Fischel

«Painting means everything to me. It replaces my legs and my arms, reflects my soul.” the artist says during her recent visit to the design studio at the Swiss Paraplegic Center in Nottwil.

Tele Züri, Zurich’s local television station, also became aware of the artist and accompanied Ms. Fischel to her lecture in the Meilihof residential building in Ebertswil.

“Sit in the corner and cry – or look for new paths and keep going? Bracha Fischel had to ask herself this question 15 years ago. The Zurich native emigrated to Israel as a young woman in 1991, lived on a kibbutz, met her husband, had three daughters, and worked as a nurse.

Then she contracted rheumatoid arthritis, which also affected her spine. After an operation, she could no longer move her arms and legs; quadriplegia with myelopathy developed.

The artist comes to Switzerland regularly and hosts exhibitions or lectures. Her message is clear: everyone is valuable, everyone can pass something on. She herself experienced a lot of solidarity and support in Israel, from family and friends. “And I, in turn, am involved in a network that supports lonely people.” By calling, listening and helping them to reflect.

Anyone who would like to get to know Bracha Fischel personally has the opportunity to do so on October 25, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. Then she will be a guest with Vereinigung der mund- oder fussmalenden Künstler Schweiz at the vernissage of the Contrast cultural cycle at the Eastern Swiss University of Applied Sciences in St. Gallen.

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