A Brief Summary of the History of VDMFK

In 1947, Arnulf Erich Stegmann resolved that in future he would work together with all his colleagues who, like himself, create works of art using the mouth or foot. So it came about that, in 1957, the first General Assembly was held in Vaduz, to carry out the official founding of the VDMFK. This was the beginning of the 65-year success story.

Besides President Arnulf Erich Stegmann, the Managing Board was composed of the artists Corry F. Riet from the Netherlands and Charles Pasche from Switzerland, as well as Legal Advisor Dr. Dr. Herbert Batliner.

Right at the beginning, an important milestone relating to the openness of the VDMFK was achieved through the following additional passage which was ncluded in the statutes: “The VDMFK has a neutral attitude with regard to eligious, philosophical and political beliefs. Any preferential treatment or iscrimination due to the religious, philosophical or political beliefs of a member is therefore impermissible.” Thus, the Association formally showed its great espect for all disabled artists, irrespective from which part of the earth or cultural group they may come. Parallel to the General Assembly, art exhibitions and joint leisure activities were conducted. This supporting program was thus a fixed part of General Assemblies and Delegates’ Conventions right from the start.

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