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In various countries there are artists who paint, due to their disability, by using their mouth or foot. Their disability made it especially difficult for them to establish the necessary contacts to enable them to promote their work commercially.

Through the Association they are being offered the basis to secure their own existence and devote themselves to art free of need and worry. To achieve this target, the Association endeavours to trace all mouth and foot painting artists to encourage them to become members and by approaching suitable publishers to distribute their work.

Furthermore, the Association supports developing mouth and foot painting artists by granting scholarships. The Association’s registered office is situated in the Principality of Liechtenstein, chosen for economic reasons, political stability and the international nature of the Association.

The association´s objects are

  1. Find as many mouth and foot painting artists as possible.
  2. Safeguard and promote the interests of the mouth and foot painting artists, improve their working and living conditions, promote and improve their artistic abilities and skills, in particular, by promoting the commercial use of their work.
  3. Conclude and negotiate contracts with publishers in countries all over the world.
  4. Grant scholarships to promote the development of mouth and foot painting artists.
  5. Collect and make available to its members or Student Members the literature and medical or other aids owned by the Association or by others.
  6. Organise exhibitions by mouth and foot painting artists.
  7. Collect, catalogue, and administer the works created by the members.

Membership and scholarship holders

Any mouth and foot painter of unimpeachable reputation living anywhere in the world can become a member of the Association provided he is 18 years of age and his work is regarded as artistic by the jury. If he is still under age, he will have to submit the approval of his legal guardian.

Full Members

Full membership is obtained by being accepted by the Association. The application for acceptance will be submitted by the jury to the managing board.The final decision regarding the acceptance of full membership is reserved for the decision of the delegates’ convention. All full members will receive a monthly payment as well as special payments.

Associated Members

Associated members are mouth and foot painting artists who were accepted by the managing board on the suggestion of the jury. The payment for associated members is always fixed by the managing board. The associated members will receive a monthly payment as well as special payments.

Honorary Members

The managing board has the right to appoint persons to be honorary members suggested by the delegates’ convention who have been particularly meritorious in promoting the interest of the Association. The delegates’ convention will finally decide about the appointment. It is a precondition for the appointment of natural persons that they are in possession of their civic rights. Honorary members will not receive any remuneration.

Scholarship Holders

The managing board has the right to grant scholarships to persons who paint with their mouth or foot but who, because of their age, quality of pictures or other reasons, cannot be accepted as members. This scholarship must be used for the training of the person concerned. The amount and duration of the scholarship allocated is subject to the decision of the managing board and individual circumstances.


Members must submit their work to the managing board or publishers allocated to them. By joining the Association members authorise the Association to exercise their copyright of the works created during their membership. The Association is entitled to exercise these rights without any restriction even after death and for an unlimited period.

Members and scholarship holders agree to have the artistic quality of their work assessed by a jury laid down in these articles of association. Furthermore, both members and scholarship holders undertake to produce advertising material using their mouth or foot at the request of the managing board.

The governing bodies of the association are:

General Meeting

The general meeting is the meeting of all full members and associated members. Associated members will be invited as guest delegates. The general meeting is responsible for the same agenda as the delegates’ convention. It is the sole responsibility of the general meeting to pass a resolution regarding the dissolution of the Association and election of a president.

Delegates’ Convention

The supreme body of the Association is the delegates’ convention, or if a general meeting has been convened, then the general meeting. At least one delegates’ convention must be held within three years. Place and time are to be decided by the managing board. Only full members are to be elected as delegates.

The delegates’ convention is responsible for the following matters:

  • Resolutions regarding amendments to the Articles with a two-thirds majority of votes
  • Election of the Managing Board and ratification of their activities
  • Election of the Legal Consultant (pursuant to § 24)
  • Resolutions regarding motions submitted by the Managing Board
  • Final decision on proposals by the Managing Board concerning the admission of Full Members (pursuant to § 5)
  • Appointment of the members of the Tribunal and their deputies
  • Appointment of Honorary Members
  • Approval of the balance sheets, annual accounts, annual reports and Audit Board reports
  • Election of the Audit Board (pursuant to § 22)
  • Ratification
  • Proposals submitted by the Delegates

Board of Directors

The Managing Board of the Association consists of seven persons including the President and the Vice President. The members of the Managing Board must be Full Members of the Association.  In addition, the Legal Consultant shall be a member of the Managing Board and shall have the right to vote.  The President shall have the casting vote. Members of the managing board are elected at the delegates’ convention or general meeting for the next two legislative periods. The president is elected at the general meeting for the next two legislative periods. The managing board manages the business and represents the Association. The managing board constitutes itself with the exception of the president. The president must be a mouth or foot painting artist who has won recognition as an artist and who has been successful at international exhibitions.


  1. A Jury of three to five members shall decide on all questions concerning the quality of a work of art and any other questions in relation to the artistic activities of a member. The Jury shall consist of the President (or if he/she is prevented from attending, a member of the Managing Board) and of the members appointed by the Managing Board who must either be recognised artists or art experts.
  2. The Jury shall assess the quality of the artists’ works and shall make recommendations to the Managing Board as to acceptance as a Full Member, as an Associate Member, or as to the granting of scholarships.
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