Shaping Hearts 2023 Art Exhibition

From November 11 – 26, 2023, the “Shaping Hearts 2023 Art Exhibition” took place in Singapore. Shaping Hearts 2023 was not only an art exhibition, but also a celebration of the spirit and talents of “Heartists” – artists with disabilities who have overcome challenges and created masterpieces that showcase strength and resilience. Over 150 artists exhibited their work, shared their stories and inspired all who attended. The festival featured captivating art exhibits, exciting live performances, art sales and a heartwarming charity art auction. The Association was represented by Scholarship Holders Aaron YEO KWOK CHIAN (mouth painter), Christina LAU Lay Lian (mouth painter), Daniel Beng Leong TAN (mouth painter), Kaini ZHANG (mouth painter), Raymond Khee Huat TAN (mouth painter), William NGO (mouth painter) and member TAN Kok Leong (mouth painter). The artists gave painting demonstrations and sold some of their unique paintings.

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