Online workshop 2023 Switzerland – “Art and the importance of small things”

From January to July 2023, the first two Art workshops invited colourful experimentation. The great motto of the training offer: “Art and the importance of the little things”.

The year 2023 is all about personal style. The participants should further develop their own creativity and give their motif a personal touch. In a lively exchange, Editha Tarantino and the artists deepened painting skills and brought their individuality to the canvas. The next step was the gradual development of the artwork. Little by little, the workshop participants created their works and unique pieces – from the first brushstroke to the finished painting. The artists had a choice between landscapes, portraits, motifs for Easter, Christmas and winter motifs.

Whether Lea Otter, Lars Höllerer, Antoine Leisi or Bracha Fischel – the talented mouth and foot painters skilfully immortalised themselves on canvas.

The Online Seminars 2023 came to an end with the first two seminar series at the beginning of June 2023 and will continue with the 3rd Workshop 2023 at the beginning of September 2023.

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