New Associated member from South Korea

The VDMFK welcomes Jung Eon Hwang as a new Associated Member. On the occasion of the board meeting by video conference in December 2020, he was elected unanimously by the board member as a new Associated Member.

Jung Eon Hwang was born in Seoul on 14 May 1965. Trained as a mechanical engineer, Jung Eon Hwang suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident in 1993 that left him quadriplegic. In April 1995 he decided to have a go at mouth painiting and immediately became hooked. He enjoys painting landscapes and flower motifs in oils and watercolours.

As with every scholarship holder’s paintings, also his artworks were assessed on a three years period. On the basis of his attained painting level, the jury of the VDMFK recommended in autumn 2020 that Mr Jung Eon Hwang be admitted as a new associated member from March 2021.

Congratulations !

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