New Associated member from Israel

The VDMFK welcomes Shely Cohen as a new Associated Member. On the occasion of the board meeting in November 2022, she was elected unanimously by the board member as a new Associated Member.

Shely Cohen was born on 21 November 1966 in Haifa. At the age of 18, she was involved as a passenger in a serious traffic accident, in which she injured her C4 – C5 cervical vertebrae. This resulted in permanent paralysis of her upper and lower limbs. After a very long rehabilitation process, she completed her school education, participated in a programming course and completed a degree in film studies at the Open University in Tel Aviv. She also studied the realisation and management of events at the Levinsy Seminar, learnt Spanish and the composition of children’s books. In 2007, she laid the foundation stone for mouth painting. Shely Cohen paints with oils. Her favourite themes include flowers, landscapes and still lifes.

As with every scholarship holder’s paintings, also her artworks were assessed on a three years period. On the basis of her attained painting level, the jury of the VDMFK recommended in autumn 2022 that Ms Shely Cohen be admitted as a new associated member from March 2023.


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