Impressions from the International Mouth and Foot Painting Day

On the occasion of the International Mouth and Foot Painting Day of 5 September 2018, numerous events, live acts and interviews took place all over the world. To the mouth and foot painters it was important to draw attention to their unique art and challenges. Painting gives them the opportunity to get in touch with the world in a different way. Through the pictures, they express their feelings, happiness and sorrows in a very personal manner and without barriers. Here are some impressions of this very special day:


   Lecture by Leandros ARVANITAKIS in Athens

   Facebook post by Kun-Shan HSIEH from Taiwan

   Newspaper article about Houda Ben RADHIA from Tunisia

   Colombian artists during the painting Shows

   Newspaper article about Günther Holzapfel

            A post from Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds from England

   Brazilian mouth and foot painters while painting a street wall in Sao Paolo

                          The three Finnish artists organized an art exhibition in Helsinki

   In the picture Anja Hämäläinen-Numminen, Lissu Lundström and Paula Mustalahti


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