Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro

On March 21st 2019, a jointly organised exhibition between the marine corps of Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian mouth and foot painters was opened at the “Museu Histórico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro”.

During the ceremony, Captain Valdir Gouvêa Rêgo, representative of the Marine Corps, Mrs Heloísa Queiroz, director of the Museum Network of the City of Rio de Janeiro, and Marcelo Cunha, representative of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painters, gave their welcome speeches.

The exhibition shows 27 paintings of mouth and foot painters from Rio de Janeiro based artists. On the occasion of the exhibition also a painting demonstration was offered. The mouth and foot painters showed their painting in front of the various interested guests and the TV stations.

The beautiful paintings are opened to the public until the 23rd of June 2019.

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