Cultural cycle “Contrast” at the University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen OST In October 2022

The Swiss publishing house , was able to accept a special invitation from Renate Ribler. The St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences, called OST for short, organized its “Contrast” cultural cycle again after the forced break caused by the corona. This cultural cycle is an exceptional platform of the University of Applied Sciences and gives artists with disabilities special access to different cultural disciplines.

Everything revolves around the question of the supposedly «normal». The artists themselves provide the answer with their unique works. The “Contrast” cultural cycle, which was taking place for the ninth time, focused on artistic work, and also wanted to make a contribution to active inclusion.

The cultural cycle “Contrast” was opened with the vernissage on October 25, 2022 by Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Yvonne Gassmann, head of the Department of Social Work and Prof. Stefan Ribler, lecturer for social work at the OST, opened with impressive speeches.

The scholarship holders Bracha Fischel and Antoine Leisi as well as Kathrin Spahni, the wife of the late Swiss mouth painter Klaus Spahni, who is still connected to the mouth and foot painters, were invited.

80 works by Swiss and international artists were then shown and exhibited on the university premises until the end of November 2022.

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