Celebrating the overcoming

Here is a brief report of the meeting held at the Jonosake Tourist Resort were mouth- and footpainters from all over Brazil came together to celebrate “the Overcoming” event.

Among so many joys in 2018, November 25th was a very special day, not only because we had the opportunity to demonstrate our work for the 2500 visitors who were present, witnessing the 38 works exhibited. With our families, friends and fellows we shared some wonderful and enjoyable moments in a very welcoming environment.

The theme of the “Celebrating the Overcoming” event had to do with the achievements of the artists throughout the year, but we also paid homage to Mr. A.E. Stegmann and his artistic success. We express our gratitude for the legacy he has left us which allows us to live worthily through art, as well as to have the necessary objectives in our trajectories.

I conclude by pointing out that for some years I had been dreaming of an event of this nature. The result surpassed all my expectations.

Marcelo Cunha 

Brazilian Mouth painter

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