#BocaPieChallenge #MouthandFootChallenge

Dear Artist

In the week prior to eastern we start with #BocaPieChallenge #MouthandFootChallenge, an action through which we will launch a series of artistic challenges painting different motifs with the mouth or with the foot. For this, we need you dear artists to carry out simple video tutorials, explaining the technique to be used to achieve the drawing. Finally our jury will determine the artist withthe best video performance and award her / him.

The first challenge is: Rainbow (from 10th to 15th of April 2020)Videotutorial painting with the mouth and / or your foot the Rainbow “Everything will be fine”. Techniques, tools.Therefore, in order to start with the challenges, we would need your help. If you can record a video taken from your smart phone that explains in a very simple way how to paint a rainbow with your mouth and / or your foot including the hopeful and positive message above.We would need this first video if possible by Friday April 10th, 2020, for the rest of the challenges each week we will continue to count on you, and we will indicate them at the end of this message.

You can send the recorded video either to challenge@pintoresbocapie.com or office@vdmfk.li along with a short script summarizing the process you have followed. We will use this summary to subtitle the video in English and it can be viewed in other countries.For social media posts we will always use the following two labels; #BocaPieChallenge #MouthAndFootChallenge this way we can follow the action.If you want to publish your video directly on your social network or on the page of the publishing house of your country, it is important to include the two hashtags of the promotion, and the English subtitles to be able to share it in the rest of the countries. Please share with all of us what you are publishing!We are looking forward to seeing the works from all over the world.

Here you have an example of our scholarship holder Alejandro Pinazo explaining how to easily draw Mickey Mouse.

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The challenges of the coming weeks are:

Second challenge: Animals (from the 15th to the 20st of April 2020)A basic video tutorial that teaches step by step how to draw with very simple strokes (from circles and other simple geometric shapes). An animal such as: cat, pig, penguin, turtle or snail. A more advanced video tutorial that teaches how to draw an animal a little more complex, not just pulling geometric figures and including more color. For example: a peacock, a lion, or a giraffe.

Third challenge: Your house (from the 20st to the 25th of April 2020) A video tutorial drawing something from your house that fascinates you or attracts a lot of attention, either because of its shape or its color. For example: a vase, flower, fruit, or other decorative object.A video tutorial drawing a still life made with everyday elements from your home or, if you dare, the portrait of a member of your family.

Fourth challenge. Imaginary creatures (from the 25th to the 30st of April 2020)A video tutorial doing something simple, such as a unicorn or angel.A video tutorial drawing a more sophisticated creature, such as a dragon.

We thank you for your participation and wish you much encouragement  !!!

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