Date of birth: 02.02.1974
Scholarship holder since: 01.09.2007

Kaini Zhang was born on 2 February 1974 in Qingdao (China) and went to Singapore in the 1990s, to continue her education. After completing her studies she taught Chinese at a primary school. In December 2003 she was involved in a traffic accident that resulted in her becoming paralysed from the shoulders down. She suffered a grave back injury (C3, 4 and 5).

Extended stays at the hospital and rehabilitation centre followed. In mid-2005 she laid the foundations of mouth painting. Her enormous strength, precision and concentration enabled her to make rapid progress. Painting became an important and meaningful occupation for her. Each single painting created by Kaini Zhang is proof of her determination and persistence. The paintings tell of her courage and her willpower and simultaneously reflect her positive attitude to life.

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