Date of birth: 15.03.1958
Member since: 01.03.1988

Jaques Villeneuve was born with severe physical disabilities. He can not use his arms and his legs developed unequally. Since he is six years old he has painted with his mouth and has constantly striven to further develop this skill. On the one hand, he attended the City of Tienen Drawing Academy, where he completed the upper secondary course. On the other hand, he completed the final course in drawing and painting at the City of Leuven Academy.

Jacques Villeneuve frequently chooses landscapes or figurative fantasies as motifs for his paintings. However, his main strength are his circus scenes painted like a mosaic in bright colours and characterized by convincing poetic expression. At the young age of 25, in 1975, Jacques Villeneuve was granted a scholarship by the Association. It was only 13 years later that he became a full member of the VDMFK, which gave him the opportunity both to organize and stage solo exhibitions and to participate in group exhibitions. He has exhibited his works primarily in the city of Tienen, where he lives and where a broad public attends his shows, but he has also had exhibitions in other Belgian cities and in Poland.

Samenkomst in de kerk
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