Date of birth: 13.04.1956
Member since: 01.03.2000

Nelly del Carmen Toro Varela was born with a disability that was caused by the harmful medication that her mother took during pregnancy. Since birth Nelly del Carmen Toro Varela has had no use of her arms and hands. That was the reason why she began to use her feet for her daily tasks, as well as painting and drawing. She started school at the age of seven. After primary school she attended secondary school until the age of 19. At the age of 28 she wanted to study painting. She did various drawing projects such as Christmas cards and the lettering for diplomas and other things. She heard about the Association and was granted a scholarship in 1988. As a consequence she was able to intensify her painting activities. In 2000 she became associate member of the AMFPA.

Nelly del Carmen Toro Varela predominantly paints Christmas motifs and landscapes from her home country. She prefers to paint in oils. Over the years she had the opportunity to present her works to the public on the occasion of numerous exhibitions

"Isla Larga" edo Carabobo
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