Date of birth: 27.01.1999
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2018

Junya Tanaka was born on 27 January 1999 in Iyo City. At the age of seven he was run over by a car in front of his house. Since then he has been paralysed in all four limbs (C4 quadriplegic). At the suggestion of his primary school teacher, Junya Tanka started drawing the Japanese characters using his mouth (calligraphy). This also led to him starting to paint with his mouth and having painting lessons once a week. After finishing school, Junya Tanaka thought about his future. He met Fumiyuki Makino (a holder of a scholarship from the Association) at an exhibition, and this encounter with the artist cemented his decision to apply to the VDMFK. He uses various painting techniques for his varied motifs

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