Date of birth: 27.03.1959
Member since: 01.03.2000

Benjamin Tan Boon Chuan suffers from cerebral palsy and spastic fits. His motor functions are seriously affected, for which reason he was taken to a spastic day care center by his grandmother up to the age of 14. In 1973 the Red Cross Children's Home took him in and later transferred him to the Singapore Cheshire Home. Today Benjamin Tan Boon Chuan lives with his parents. In 1984 he received a scholarship from the Association and with it the opportunity to dedicate himself intensively to painting. In 1992 he became an associate member of the VDMFK and in 2000 he was granted full membership. Painting and drawing are his great passion. When doing either he confidently moves his head with a brush or coloured pencils securely held in his mouth. The mouthpainter works with oils and ink-watercolour. His favorite subjects include landscapes and still lives in the form of Asian good wishes combined with Asian calligraphy. Benjamin Tan Boon Chuan has shown his works to the public at several exhibitions in Singapore, Indonesia and around the world.

Pulav Bali
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