Date of birth: 17.07.2012
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2023

Stanisław Jan Salach was born in Warsaw on 17 July 2012 with the complete absence of his upper limbs. He lives in Falenty, in the municipality of Raszyn near Warsaw. He attends primary school in Raszyn. He has been using his legs since birth, his feet replacing his hands in his daily activities. He painted with coloured pencils and colours from an early age. Thanks to Mr Stanisław Kmiecik (member of the VDMFK) who, like Staś, was born without hands, he became interested in painting. The time spent together, observing and learning how to function in life, led to an extraordinary bond between them. Participation in numerous meetings and exhibitions of Stanisław Kmiecik in schools, kindergartens and cultural institutions awakened the desire to deepen the art of painting and to create new pictures. Stanisław Jan SALACH paints mainly with acrylics and uses acrylic markers to finish his works. Besides painting, his hobbies include football, reading, sports games and board games.

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