Date of birth: 11.04.1968
Member since: 01.03.2011

Jin Hyun Song was born in Daegu on 4 November 1968. After finishing school, he obtained a degree in chemistry from the University of Daegu. In February 1996, he was involved in a car accident and sustained such serious injuries that he became quadriplegic. This happened while he was serving as a captain in the army. While searching for a new purpose in life, Jin Hyun Song met a mouth painting artist of AMFPA who encouraged him to start mouth painting. Initially, he was an autodidact in terms of learning fundamental theories. Soon thereafter, in March 1998, Mr Byun-du Bae became his painting teacher. From this time on, the mouth painting artist received regular private art tuition. Since 2008, Jin Hyun Song has been supported as a scholarship holder by the Association. Since 2011, he has been an Associate Member of AMFPA.

Jin Hyun Song uses watercolour and oil techniques. His favourite themes include flowers and the landscapes of his homeland. The artist has already participated in several exhibitions and introduced a wide public to his work.

A road of cherry blossoms
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