Date of birth: 18.10.1970
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2022

Joanna Irena Sobierajska was born on 18 October 1970 in Leszno. In 1992, after completing her education, she started to work as an occupational therapist at the Psychiatric Clinic in Kościan. Three years later, she got married. At the beginning of 2000, during maternity leave after the birth of her son, Joanna Irena Sobierajska contracted multiple sclerosis. Her relatives give her great support

and the initiative to carry on. Despite her growing handicap, she is therefore determined to remain as active as possible, and has resumed painting and drawing. In 2019, a fair was held in her city, and Joanna Irena Sobierajska took the opportunity to exhibit her work, displaying it before the local community. She also participates in workshops, courses and open-air art events. The artist likes best to paint her flowers, landscapes, animals and portraits in watercolours, and some of them in acrylic.

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