Date of birth: 19.03.1952
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2016

Brit Grøtterud Skotland was born on 19 March 1952 in Kongsberg, Norway. She grew up with 5 brothers and sisters on a farm in Hvittingfoss, Norway. She is married and has two children. Following high school Brit began studying at a college for arts and crafts, where she learnt how to weave wall hangings. She was an active handball player up until her 25th birthday. Brit qualified as a social education worker and worked with disabled people for over 35 years. In 2011 she fell from a cliff and broke her neck. She has been paralysed since the fall, and spent over a year in hospital. As a result of the accident she is unable to move her arms and legs. While in hospital in Sunnaas, Brit had contact with an art teacher, who encouraged her to take up painting. Eirin Heier from the mouth and foot painters' group visited Brit while she was in hospital in Sunnaas and motivated her to start to paint with the mouth. A year after she returned home, Brit started on her first picture. She found it extremely liberating; and it is also good exercise for her neck. Brit paints 2-3 days per week and really enjoys it.

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