Date of birth: 27.07.1992
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2008

Jésus David Sanchez Lizcano was born on 27 July 1992 in Cúcuta (Norte de Santander) . When he was only 16 months old he was diagnosed to be suffering from phocomelia of the upper extremities, which means that he has no arms. Due to this disability he carries out the activities of daily living with his feet. Mouth painting artist and VDMFK Student Member Néstor Raúl Ruiz Portilla inspired the boy to dedicate himself fully to art. In addition to painting Jésus likes to recite poems and has already received several distinctions. He also practises martial arts with his feet as well as swimming, and has recently won prizes for these activities at the local Paralympic Games.

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