Date of birth: 08.03.1973
Scholarship holder since: 01.09.2008

Carlos Eduardo Rosa Fraga was born on 8 March 1973 in Rio de Janeiro. After completing secondary school in 1991 Carlos wanted to study business management or journalism and marketing at university. After spending New Year's Eve 1991 at the beach with his parents he went to his car to rest. A few minutes later a doctor lost control over her car and collided with an oncoming car which went off the road and crashed into the car in which Carlos Eduardo Rosa Fraga was resting. As a result he suffered irreversible injuries to his cervical spine and thus became tetraplegic. In 2004 he met VDMFK Student Member Marcelo Cunha (mouth painter), who inspired him to start painting with his mouth. As he enjoyed it very much and wanted to improve his artistic skills, he took painting lessons once a week with Luciana Monsores. The artist preferably paints landscapes of his home country.

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