Date of birth: 04.03.1973
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2015

Kenzi L. Robi was born in Los Angeles on 4 March 1973. He attended high school and College. Kenzi suffers from the consequences of a shooting accident which took place in December 1992. He is now permanently paralysed as a C-4 quadriplegic from the neck down. Despite the tragic incident, he has managed to overcome a variety of obstacles in circumstances where many others would have given up. He decided to paint with his mouth at St. Mary's Hospital in San Francisco in 1993. His love of painting helps Kenzi to cope with his situation: he expresses himself on the canvas, occasionally sells artworks and inspires others never to give up. In 2010 Kenzi won the "National Disability Institute's Real Economic Impact Tour" competition. In addition, he was granted the rare privilege of exhibiting his artworks at the National Press Club and even had the opportunity to say a few words there when he was awarded an achievements plaque for his artistic success and his quest for financial independence. Kenzi also works as a mentor for adults who have to live with a sudden disability and helps individuals released from hospital to the community so that they can live safe, independent and productive lives. Moreover, Kenzi is President of the Board of Directors of the "In-Home-Support-Services" (IHSS) state agency in San Francisco. He is an advocate for older people and adults with disabilities in San Francisco and in the State of California. The staging of several exhibitions in California has enabled him to become a well-known figure among the general public.

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