Date of birth: 26.03.1950
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2017

Before being diagnosed with primary progressive MS in 1996, Jeanne had spent a long career as a paediatric nurse and had started a family. Following the diagnosis, Jeanne managed to extend her career by switching to a child development centre, where she worked with handicapped children for eleven years. Jeanne has always had a passion for art. She not only enjoyed discovering the history of art but also wanted to explore her own creativity by studying to become a silversmith and by graduating in textile design and embroidery. When Jeanne was first diagnosed with MS, her yoga teacher told her to focus on what she could, not on what she could not do. Ever since that day, these words have resonated in Jeanne's pragmatic and motivating character. Jeanne is proud of her 'can do' attitude. Having lost movement in all four of her limbs, she has adapted her interests to her abilities and passions. Mouth painting has enabled Jeanne to express her creativity once more and at the same time to deal with her disability. Jeanne enjoys her discovery of painting and is still also searching for her artistic form of expression. She will eventually decide between acrylics and oils. In particular, she is interested in light and shadow and in exploring her understanding of the art of aesthetics and design.

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