Date of birth: 24.08.1974
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2009

Martina Pavlovic was born on 24 August 1974 in Kranj in Slovenia. On 25 April 1999 she had a parachute accident where she sustained fractures of the vertebrae C2, C4 and C5. Due to these injuries she became tetraplegic. At the time of her accident she was studying at university. Some two to three years after her accident she resumed her studies and received her diploma from the university of Ljubljana two years ago. She writes articles for magazines and became the editor of the magazine Paraplegics. All through the years she was very interested in painting. For a year now she has been painting with her mouth and is taking painting lessons. She has already had exhibitions throughout Slovenia. She likes to visit painting exhibitions and has met many artists there who have told her about the work of VDMFK. She is submitting 10 original works to VDMFK and would be very happy if the Association could take a look at them and admit her to VDMFK.

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