Date of birth: 04.11.1959
Member since: 01.03.1994

Jong Kwan Park was born on 4 November 1959 in Chungnam Onyang. He had an accident at work in 1986 in which his fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae were fractured. He has been a quadriplegic since then and can no longer move his hands. He spent four years in hospital after the accident. It was during this period when he was seeking a new direction for his life that he met a professor who taught him how to paint. This motivated him to begin mouth painting himself. Through television, he found out about the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World. He has been supported as a Scholarship Holder of the VDMFK since 1993. This provided him with the opportunity to intensify his mouth painting. One year later, he became an Associate Member of the Association. He has been a Full Member of the VDMFK since 2023.

Jong Kwan Park most loves to paint still lifes of flowers, in original compositions. He also paints landscapes and animal subjects in intense colours and abstract form. He primarily uses the technique of oil painting for this. The mouth painter has won a number of painting competitions with his works. Additionally, he has participated in numerous joint exhibitions.

A spring day
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