Date of birth: 26.06.1989
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2004

Born on 26 June 1989 in Toronto. Shortly after birth she was found to be suffering from arthrogryposis, a condition which caused paralysis of all four extremities. Amanda had to undergo numerous extensive operations in order to correct, as far as possible, the position of the hip and also the club feet. Furthermore, the doctors diagnosed scoliosis when Cynthia was ten years old. The girl is currently in grade 9 of the Dun Mills High School.rom a very early age she has been using her mouth to paint and draw. Until recently she painted using a pencil. Since attending the artists' meeting from the USA and Canada in Atlanta she has shifted to crayons. The very dedicated mouth painting artist frequently attends public events (such as talent shows) and participates in exhibitions.

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