Date of birth: 16.01.1994
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2024

Nadir Fakhoury was born on 16.01.1994 in Rovereto and has lived for many years in Malcesine, Verona. He attended secondary school and later acquired a vocational qualification as an electrician. He has always been enthusiastic about painting and the landscapes of the region, but until his accident he had never set out to learn this art. On 23.12.2020 Nadir came off the road during a cycling excursion. It was several hours before passers-by found him and called for help. In his fall Nadir broke his 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae, making him a tetraplegic. His interest in painting was awakened by an art therapist on the rehabilitation ward of the hospital in Negrar (Verona), who encouraged him to follow his calling and try to paint with his mouth. As a self-taught artist, apart from a watercolour course, the young Nadir developed his technique over the course of two years and also mastered oil paints. He lives with his mother and brother, who are a great help to him in his daily life and reinforce him in his passion for painting.

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