Date of birth: 24.08.1979
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2009

Maria Celeste Moya was born on 24 August 1979 in El Rodeo, Ambato in Catamarca. She suffers from a congenital disease and has no upper extremities and her thigh bones are underdeveloped. She can move both feet, especially the right foot. Maria Celeste Moya attended primary and secondary school in a tourist town in her home province. Subsequently she studied psychology for one year. Initially painting was a hobby for her. Her friends encouraged her to paint and take painting classes. She also continues her education. Maria Celeste Moya paints using ink, pencil, watercolour and oil. She uses her favourite colours, namely shades of blue and earth tones to paint the landscapes of her region, houses from her village, old churches and Jesuit monasteries. Since 1999 she has been taking lessons at a workshop of fine arts at the university. This has enabled her to establish contacts and she has already participated in various exhibitions.

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