Date of birth: 05.10.1970
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2009

Waldemar Merz was born on 5 October 1970 in Bischkek in Kirgistan. He was born with deformities and is unable to use hands and feet because of the absence of muscles. His hands and feet are underdeveloped and stiff. Already as a child Waldemar Merz was able to cope with his disability. In his spare time he loved to paint and to do handicrafts with his siblings. Ever since that time he has been very interested in art and painting. It is his greatest wish to become a well-known artist. He came to Germany with his family at the age of 26. Later he married his present wife Galina, whom he has known since childhood. As a child he painted using pencils, he also tried oils, but in the last three years his favourite technique has been watercolour. Through his paintings he wants to bring joy to people.

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