Date of birth: 19.03.1984
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2019

Unaloto Kitala Ki Masunu was born on 19 March 1984 in Kolofo'ou, Tonga, in the kingdom of Tonga. Even as a child, he showed a great interest in art. In December 1999, aged 15, he broke his cervical vertebra in a swimming accident at the C5/C6 level. This accident turned his life upside down. Luckily, he was transferred to New Zealand for rehabilitation after a year of therapy in the local hospital. During his time in the Spinal Rehab Unit, he got to know a few unique people who had also shared the same fate. In order to live out his passion for art, he decided to attend mouth painting classes. Since 2016, Mr Masunu has been having art lessons with Robyn Binsley, art teacher in the Otara Spinal Unit. He really enjoys the lessons. Aside from this, he is a member of the Tongan organisation Good Samaritan for the Disabled Trust.

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