Date of birth: 19.04.1952
Member since: 01.03.1996

Lissu Lundström was born with a severe disability. She attended a special school where she found that she was only able to write holding a pen between her teeth. It was noticed that she was very interested in painting. At the age of 14 she made her first attempts at painting which were promising. Numerous surgical interventions contributed to making her uncontrolled movements less marked and also made painting easier for her.

From 1973 onwards Lissu Lundström focussed on her education. The most important part of her education was an art course at the cultural centre for adult education in Helsinki. She experimented with different techniques. She discovered that she preferred painting in oils. "With oils I can express what I have to say", says the artist. Light, colours and the sea provide Lissu Lundström with incredible inspiration. That is why it does not surprise that the connection of water, colour and light reappears frequently in the works of the artist. In 1989 the Association granted the artist a scholarship. Only three years later she became associate member of the VDMFK. She became a full member in 1996. She is also a member of the "Finnish Artists Association". To date Lissu Lundström can look back on numerous contributions to exhibitions around the world. She has also organised various personal exhibitions in her hometown Helsinki.

Winter magic
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