Date of birth: 19.04.1986
Scholarship holder since: 01.09.2009

Miguel Ángel LÓPEZ TINOCO was born on 19 April 1986 in Mexico. The doctors diagnosed arthrogryposis and his parents were told that there was no cure for him. After three surgeries of the hips, arms and legs he got a full body cast which was meant to straighten his spine. Even after the fourth surgery he was unable to move his hands. At the age of four he went to a state school for children with disabilities. Therapies followed and another surgery in a hospital in Los Angeles. At the age of 12 he finished primary school. While in secondary school he took part in a fine arts workshop where he learned to do oil painting and won the first prize in a contest. Subsequently he graduated from the Colegio Bachilleres as a Human Resources Assistant. He is currently studying psychology at the university of Chapultepec. Thanks to the support from the university he has already been able to stage two exhibitions. He also received lessons from José Eric CALVILLO Borja, student member of VDMFK. His work and his talent are certain to help him achieve success.

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