Date of birth: 19.03.2002
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2018

Marika Brygida Kropidlowska was born on 19 March 2002 in Walcz. She attends the 2nd class at the grammar school, where she is one of the best students and obtains good marks in her lessons. She is placed very highly in the competitions she takes part in and receives prizes for these. Despite being born without arms, she is a girl who likes to laugh and is happy. She has a positive attitude to people and the world. She is ambitious and conscientious. She still has several years of education ahead of her because a good education is very important to her. Her passions are painting and photography, and she devotes every spare minute to these two areas of interest. She started painting when she was still a child, but is only now developing techniques and experimenting in her painting.

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