Date of birth: 03.11.2000
Scholarship holder since: 01.09.2012

Arijon Krasniqi was born on 3 November 2000 without arms and hands with the diagnosis "Amelia congenitalis extremitas superior bilateralis", a malformation of the upper limbs. His family survived the atrocities of the Balkan War. The house of the family was burned down by the Serbs and they were forced to flee. The family currently lives with other refugee families in a communal house in the town of Malisheva in Kosovo. Arijon Krasniqi is in third form of the "Ibrahim Mazreku" primary school and is an excellent student. Already at a very early age Arijon Krasniqi among other things began to paint and draw with the foot. He taught himself to paint with the foot. Painting has become his greatest passion and he is intent on making further progress.

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