Date of birth: 30.04.1978
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2020

Agata Katarzyna Kowal was born on 30 April 1978 in Zakopane. She enjoyed a happy childhood in her village in Bialka at her grandmother’s house and with her friends.
Agata Katarzyna attended kindergarten, primary school and a general girls’ high school in Zakopane.
An examination in 1994 revealed that Ms Kowal suffers from spastic paraplegia, a progressive paresis of the upper and lower extremities that is genetic in origin. This disease is accompanied by cataracts in both eyes. At the age of 15 Agata underwent surgery on both eyes to remove her cloudy inner lenses. She can now only see with her left eye.
After her schooldays she discovered books. She read a lot, especially books on history, nature and adventures. She decided to try painting and acquired knowledge on recognising colours and how they originate.

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