Date of birth: 18.03.1962
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2013

Ron Heagy was born on 18 March 1962 in Wisconsin, USA. As a wrestler, bodybuilder, member of a football team and an enthusiastic skier, the future was bright for this talented young man. However, one day before his 18th birthday, while he was on holiday in California, his life changed forever, when he broke his neck in a surfing accident. When he woke up on his 18th birthday, he was told that he would never walk, be able to feed or dress himself again. Many gave up on him, but he didn't give up on himself. Instead, he accepted the tragedy, and changed it into a triumph. With perseverance and sheer determination not to give up, he graduated from the San Diego State University with a Masters in social work, and inspired by his mother, he took a brush between his teeth and started to paint. With his excellent eye for beauty and detail, and a positive attitude towards life, Ron Heagy is proof that nothing is impossible.

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