Date of birth: 08.05.1969
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2019

Jocelyne Hautbois was born on 8 May 1969 in Beaupréau. She is the ninth of ten siblings. Her parents, farmers and livestock breeders, lived a modest life on a farm, three kilometres away from Chapelle Saint Florent. She attended the primary school in Chapelle Saint Florent and then went to the college in Saint Peter Montlimart. She continued her studies at La Providence university in Cholet, where she received a certificate for vocational training in the area of trade ('BEP') and a certificate for professional skills as an office clerk ('CAP'). Jocelyne Hautbois has multiple sclerosis. In 1996 and 1998 respectively, she brought her children Chloé and Johan into the world. In 1998, Monique - a cousin - offered her group classes in Saint Laurent des Autels. She was happy to go and sketch, play with light and shadow, and capture the wonders of nature in oil paintings. Bernadette Coiffard, who runs the Chat Perché shop in Saint Christophe La Coup, introduced her to 3D painting. Jocelyne turned this into her passion! Having once joined the Résidence Yolaine de Kepper, she was encouraged and inspired by her surroundings and began mouth painting under the instruction of Léone Delaunay.

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