Date of birth: 23.07.1972
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2011

Chiara Ghilotti was born on 23 July 1972 in Bormio (Sondrio). On 27 July 1995 she suffered a vertebral fracture with complete spinal cord damage at C4 in a motorcycle accident. Already at a young age her rebellious nature became apparent, her impatience with traditional schemes. Even after the accident her extraordinary strength of character full of irony manifested itself. In 2008 she began to draw holding crayons with her mouth. She was instantly so successful that many towns in her area competed for the privilege to mount exhibitions of her artwork. The artist showed a selection of her work in Grosotto, Valvurva, Livigno, to name but a few. These exhibitions attracted significant media interest, with various reports about the artist being published.

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