Date of birth: 06.06.1966
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2010

Artemio GARCIA was born on 6 June 1966 in Oaxaca in Mexico. On 15 September 1991 he became tetraplegic on account of a shooting accident. He wanted to go into town to buy himself a guitar. He was mistaken for a member of a gang and shot in the neck. When he was told that his body would remain paralysed from the neck down, he only wanted to die. He recalls that many people provided spiritual help and assistance. The manager of the hospital, Dr. Cynthia Henderson, remembers how Garcia was afraid of holding a brush with his mouth. She believes that Garcia is teaching us, above all, not to give up, even if one does not believe in himself at the moment. In addition to painting, Garcia translates for Spanish speaking patients and works as a patients' representative. He also speaks to young people visiting the hospital about the dangers of street life. He continues to learn English and the hospital staff is helping him. He would like to sell paintings and work with the computer when he leaves the hospital. His other interests include music, and he is teaching another patient to play the guitar. Painting helps him to dispel his fear, and it is very important to him that he can do something useful for others.

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