Date of birth: 21.11.1984
Scholarship holder since: 01.09.2009

Lígia Maria Ferreira da FONSECA was born on 21 November 1984 in Pindamonhangaba (province of São Paulo). During the last training session for a gymnastics competition on 4 December 2002 she had an accident. She fell off the parallel bars and landed badly headfirst on the protective mat. The fall resulted in an injury of the C1 and C7 cervical vertebrae. She became tetraplegic and needs a respirator to breathe. After 11 months in hospital she was able to return home. Ligia was fortunate to meet Eliana Zagui, a VDMFK artist. Art became both a therapy and a source of joy for her. In October 2004 she had her first exhibition and the audience's feedback regarding her achievements has helped her thrive. She is studying marketing and attends university once a week. Every day she is learning more about art and is trying out new techniques.

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