Date of birth: 07.08.1990
Scholarship holder since: 01.09.2010

Jaime Adan Fierro Sañudo was born on 7 August 1990 in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. Shortly after his birth he suffered severe brain damage in the motor area as well a diffuse brain lesion (athetotic cerebral palsy). This occurred as a result of a blood type incompatibility problem caused by different Rhesus factors of father and mother. Despite all the adverse circumstances Jaime Adan Fierro Sañudo completed primary school. Subsequently he completed secondary school via distance learning as well as a preparatory year at university. At the invitation of mouth painter and VDMFK student member Lidia Chaidez, he attended a painting workshop where he discovered the possibility of creating paintings with the mouth. With endless fascination he has been devoting himself to mouth painting since that time.

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