Date of birth: 19.04.1974
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2019

Mara Fantin was born on 19 April 1974 in Camposampiero. At birth, she was diagnosed with spastic, dystonic tetraparesis and a speech disorder. Essentially, this means that she has to use a wheelchair to get around and she has many dystonic attacks which do not allow her to manage without outside help or to speak fluently. Mara Fantin has always had a particular passion for painting, even though her hands have never allowed her to use a paintbrush. At an exhibition, she had the opportunity to look at and study images painted by mouth and foot artists. A painting demonstration by a mouth painter really piqued her curiosity and she began to dream of trying it out herself. After a few attempts, Ms Fantin succeeded in grasping the style of holding the brush in her mouth. In the daytime, when the dystonic attacks occur less often, she is able to give expression to the art which she feels inside her. She takes great pleasure in completing one of her nature and landscape paintings.

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