Date of birth: 07.10.1970
Scholarship holder since: 01.09.2012

Victor Manuel Echeverry Vallejo was born on 7 October 1970 in Cali, Colombia. He attended primary and secondary school. In 2005 he worked as a subcontractor in the construction industry and was in charge of the completion of construction sites. In this capacity, Victor Manuel Echeverry Vallejo was shot by two people who wanted to rob him of money for a contract. He was shot at the level of the 4th cervical vertebra which resulted in paralysis of the upper limbs, i.e. paraplegia and a severe deficit of the muscular system. As a therapeutic measure, today's artist began to learn to paint with the mouth with the help of Carlos Barrera (student member of VDMFK/mouth painter). His aim is to continuously develop his artistic skills. Currently Victor Manuel Echeverry Vallejo is studying "Fine Arts" in the fourth semester at the Folk Culture Institute in Cali. His research activities as a painter constitute a unique achievement. On the occasion of painting workshops he has completed numerous creations, among them ceramics. He studied artistic anatomy and perspective in detail.

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