Date of birth: 15.03.1967
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2007

Geoff Dossetor took his bachelor's degree in education, majoring in physical education. As a hobby he did hang-gliding, and in the early 90s turned his passion into a career by becoming a hang-gliding instructor. He competed with great success in different hang-gliding contests around the world, and represented Australia and New Zealand at the world championships. The year 2001 dramatically changed his life: a hang-gliding flight ended in a grave accident. When landing he fractured his spine at the C4/C4 vertebra and became tetraplegic. In 2005 he made the first attempts at painting with the mouth and taught himself to paint. So far he has only been painting in acrylics on canvas, but he likes to experiment with different techniques and ideas.

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