Date of birth: 20.08.1982
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2020

Gilverson dos Santos Dias was born on 20 August 1982 in Anapolis, Goias, Brazil.
He has always lived with his parents and his younger brother. His mother is a housewife and his father suffered from alcoholism, as a result of which they lost everything they owned and had to live in the house of other relatives. Life was really hard for them until his father died.
Gilverson sold sweets at bus stops to support himself and his family.
On 17 October 2004 Gilverson’s life changed fundamentally when he was visiting his uncle’s farm in the town of Interlandia in Goias. He jumped into the sea from a cliff, hitting his head on the rock and breaking two vertebrae in his neck.
As a result he lost the movement of his legs and arms. He became tetraplegic, and since then has been reliant on his wheelchair.
Gilverson began to be interested in art during his treatment at the Sarah Hospital. As therapy he started painting with the brush in his mouth. After a while he attended an art school called “Osvaldo Verano” and he has been developing his ability since then.
The artist has already taken part in several exhibitions at the house of the former mayor of the city of Anapolis, called the “Espaco Dulce de Farias”. His dream is to become a great artist.

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