Date of birth: 13.09.1969
Member since: 01.03.2011

When Marcelo da Cunha was 21 years of age, he fractured his fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae when he dove into the water next to a waterfall. The trained graphic designer then spent many months in hospital. In December 1993, he watched a documentary on the Brazilian mouth painter Gonçalo Borges (associate member). Marcelo da Cunha was so impressed by his skills that he wanted to try mouth painting too. His enthusiasm was boundless and from then on he dedicated all his time to painting. In 2004, he received a scholarship from AMFPA. Since 2011, he has had the status of an Associate Member.

The favourite themes of the mouth painter include the landscapes of his homeland and people that he predominantly paints in acrylic paint. The extremely talented artist has participated in several exhibitions or has staged solo exhibitions.

Os pescadores
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