Date of birth: 30.08.2011
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2022

Luna Suzhuo Kalstrup Carstensen was born on 30 August 2011 in Kunming, China with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC). She was adopted when she was three. Together with her father, mother and older siblings, she lives in a house in Smukke Djursland in Denmark. Her siblings were also adopted from China. Luna Suzhuo Kalstrup Carstensen had a foot operation in

China, but further surgery or treatment was required in Denmark. At five, she started nursery school, and was in a primary from the age of seven. She is given full support in school, and has special equipment for her school tasks, consisting of a computer and mouse as well as a small side desk. Luna Suzhuo Kalstrup Carstensen is very passionate, and loves expressing herself bodily and artistically. She loves dancing, styling herself, drawing and writing stories. Luna was born a boy, but from an early age only played with girls’ toys and dresses. Since the age of six, she has identified as a girl. Luna Suzhuo Kalstrup Carstensen is a happy, amusing and very caring young lady.

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