Date of birth: 16.06.1966
Member since: 01.03.2007

Until 1985 Luca Bucchi lives in his native town where he also attends school. In 1985 he is called up for military service and moves to Pisa, where he trains to become a paratrooper. Subsequently he is transferred to Siena to a battalion of the Folgore. A few months after joining the army he has a grave accident that results in paralysis of his arms and legs and confines him to the wheelchair. From this time on, Luca Bucchi takes refuge in a world of longing and of memories, which he commits to paper by writing and drawing with the mouth. These new circumstances make him rediscover his passion for drawing.

When a friend of the family and wife of the artist Guerrino Collina learns about his passion for painting, she encourages him to submit his works to the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Worldwide. The Association finds his works interesting and grants him a scholarship. This affords him the opportunity to improve his painting technique by attending painting courses at an art school in Rome. This is also the school where he earns the diploma "art teacher". Later on he enrols at the academy of fine arts in Rome. He is unable to finish his studies due to enormous difficulties in his everyday life, but he meets professors and artists from whom he learns the "trade".

His affiliation to the VDMFK enables Luca Bucchi to contribute to large exhibitions in different cities such as Rome and Madrid. His style of painting that some art critics define as being surrealistic-metaphysical is always based on the object and on space. But Luca also likes landscapes full of atmosphere.

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